Monday 20th September 1976


I watched loads of puppet shows as a kid but the best by far was The Muppets, a staple throughout my childhood. The Muppet Show first aired in the UK on 5th September of this year. I was clearly entertained by it, waving my clubbed hands above my head. I think this was our first colour television. The previous one was an old black and white whose speaker I destroyed trying to free ‘the little people’ stuck inside it.

Monday 6th September 1976


OK, this needs an explanation. I remember this day quite well, especially the divers who were diving in an old pit to retrieve a submerged car. Possibly it was an army/police/forces show-off day at a barracks near Colchester. Dad used to teach archery, something that figured a lot in my childhood. I remember the rolly-pollys too, which is quite impressive, though clearly not as impressed as my teacher was.

Wednesday 1st September 1976

Jamie Furlong diary entry September 1st 1976

According to Mum this was in the Isle of Wight. My folks had a tent but for one evening I was allowed to stay in my grandparents’ caravan. Apparently Nanna burnt the toast, something I told Mum at the time but have since forgotten. I have no recollection of this holiday at all. It was clearly thrilling.