I’m quite excited about rediscovering Tumblr as an alternative to Instagram. I’ve been blogging with WordPress for 20 years so I love the ability to choose my post type and know that it’ll get published without the BS that Instagram has become. I’m not here for likes and shares so I’m not going to hold back on only posting a specific genre of photography.

My main interests are street, travel, underwater and landscape. I shoot both film…

Leica M3 - Portra 400ALT
Nikon L35AD -Tri-XALT

… and digital.

Right now I’m playing with an old A7R converted to infrared. I guess you either love or hate IR but I bought it specifically to take photos in the midday sun as I live in the tropics, although right now I’m back in the UK for the first time in four years, exploring the UK countryside for a month.

I really hope photographers get (back) on board with Tumblr so I can look forward to scrolling through and reading what they’re up to without the Instagram clutter.

Peace and fair winds,


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