For the subjects in these images the photographic moment was a fleeting occurence. A stranger came up to them, took a photo, and walked off, gone and forgotten forever. And yet, all of these people have become a part of my life. I’ve studied their faces, know where and when the photograph was taken and just a glance at their expression takes me back to the instant I took it, a photograph of a person with whom I am now so familiar with. These subjects have become my friends.

This website barely scratches the surface of my photographic work. I felt I should publish something but, in doing so, I got overwhelmed by the amount of trawling through photos required to put something together, therefore this website is work in progress. Although viewable on a phone, it has been designed to be viewed on a big screen. Photographs have been optimised for the web so some quality has been compromised.

There is so much cross-over in photography it felt awkward putting my work into ‘genres’. Some of my street work could be deemed ‘travel’, and some of my ‘travel’ work could be considered ‘landscape’. Despite my reticence at pigeon-holing, it made sense to put my work into categories for this website.

Much of my street photography uses off-camera flash. It looked odd putting this work along-side my other photographs, so all flash-work falls into the Strobist section.

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I have a ton of travel work thanks to my nomadic lifestyle living on a boat. I’ve separated the portraits into the People section. I didn’t want to call it ‘Portraits’ because that suggests premeditated studio work with lights. All my portraits were taken on the street using natural light and it’s the one time I may ask permission to take a photo. You can find the few landscapes I’ve captured in the ‘Scapes‘ section.

I’ve recently discovered the joys of underwater photography but this is currently limited by the gear I use, which is a compact camera. It has macro features but lacks aperture control, so it’s early days for me.

All photography is copyright followtheboat.com

beachSome of my early artisitc work dating from 1974