Playing With Shadows

I’ve not been doing much photography lately, mainly because Liz and I have been busy with other projects. Yesterday afternoon, however, I noticed how the late afternoon sun was casting shadows across the ruined buildings along the beach opposite our anchorage, so I nipped ashore for a half-hour session.

black and white photography
This photo was more difficult than it looks – I had to hide behind the shadow of the tree!

Once again I picked up my Fujifilm XE2S, only because it was the closest camera I had to hand. You’ll know from my recent posts that I like the black and white rendering from this camera so it made sense to stick with it.

black and white beach photosgraphy

I don’t go ashore often at this time of day. We tend to be more active first thing in the morning, and then hide away from the sun until the evening, so it was interesting walking down the beach and seeing holidaymakers chilling and staff from the restaurants loading and unloading supplies from boats.

shadows and light with black and white photography
This spot, in one of the side-streets, had about 20 minutes of good light but few local people walking past
morning black and white
I revisited this location today and they have now closed this area down, so this’ll be one of the last photos taken of this tranquil spot

One of the things I find curious about Asahan, the small island SW of Lombok, is how many ruined buildings remain. They’re in a prime location for development but honestly, I prefer it this way. We were disappointed to find that one of our fave morning coffee spots, the Pearl Beach Resort, has just moved its restaurant area away from its original rustic location (pictured above) to a ghastly modern cement structure at the other end of the beach. I’m so glad I took the above photo because this place no longer exists.

dark shadows

That’s it for this little project, and that could be it from Asahan as we’re thinking of moving on soon.

dark and light

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